Artists Statement

I have been making functional and decorative pottery for more than 30 years. Within my studio practice I am able to express personal, artistic, and intellectual concerns. During my formative years my psyche was shaped by a daily ritual Catholic routine, as well as a variety of childhood experiences with nature. Ceremonial vessels used in the mass created a subtle awareness that is unconsciously infused throughout out my years of creativity. Patterns, textures, and forms derived from nature bear direct influence during my years of forming objects.

I make both symmetrical and asymmetrical forms from stoneware and porcelain fired in a gas reduction atmosphere to 1300 degrees C. All the work is thrown on an electric potter's wheel. The asymmetrical pieces are altered in various ways with handbuilt elements added. The forms are simple to allow pattern, texture and colour to define the surface. These elements compliment, exaggerate, and embellish the form of the vessel. Carving or using a resist between layers of glazes are techniques that enhance the surfaces. Influences from ceramic antiquity, and ideas arising from the process and contemporary thought contribute to the formation of work as well.

I make work that I want to embrace, enhance, and celebrate the rituals of daily living. The integration of handmade pottery in the preparation of food, service, and decoration honours and elevates the common routine.

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